Naomi Instructs Ruth

Naomi Instructs Ruth


Then Naomi said to Ruth: "My daughter, I must seek peace that all may be well with you. Boaz, with whose maidens you have been working, is our kinsman and can help you.
Tonight he is winnowing barley on the threshing floor.
 Wash and anoint yourself and put on your best robe and go down to the threshing floor and wait until he has finished eating and drinking.
 Then tell him you are there, and he will tell you what to do."

Ruth did all that her mother-in-law told her, and at midnight, after he had
eaten and drunk, Boaz realized that she was there, and he said: "Who is it?"
She answered: "I am Ruth, your handmaid. Help me, for you are my near kinsman."

Boaz said: "The Lord bless you, my daughter,
 for you have proved yourself to be a virtuous woman, and I will do whatever you want. It is true that I am a near kinsman,
 but there is another who is even more closely related than I.
 Wait until tomorrow morning,
 and we shall see if he will perform his duty as your kinsman.
 If not, I swear before the Lord that I shall do it in his place.
 And now lie down until the morning."

So Ruth lay down on the threshing floor and the next morning Boaz said to her: "Bring your veil to me and hold it out."
When she did so he measured out six measures of barley into the veil,
 and she went back to the city and to her mother-in-law.
Ruth told Naomi all that Boaz had said and showed her the six measures of barley,
 and Naomi said: "Wait quietly, my daughter,
 until you know what is to result from this.
 This man will not rest until he has provided for you this very day."


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