Samsons Mighty Strength

Samsons Mighty Strength


He caught three hundred foxes and tied them tail to tail,
 and fixed torches between their tails.
 Then he set fire to the torches and let the foxes go to run among the cornfields of the Philistines.
The shocks and the standing corn, the vineyards,
 and the olives all caught fire and were burned up.

After this the Philistines went up and pitched their camp in Judah at Lehi,
and the men of Judah asked them why they had come.
The Philistines said: "We have come to capture and punish Samson."

Then three thousand men of Judah went up to the top of the rock Etam and said to Samson: "Do you not know
that the Philistines are our overlords?
We are going to bind you and give you into their hands."

Samson said: "Promise me that you will not yourselves attack me."

They said: "No, but we will bind you fast and hand you over to them.
 But we promise not to kill you."
So they bound him with two new cords and brought him up from the rock.
When he came to Lehi, where the Philistines were encamped, they shouted with triumph.
 But the spirit of the Lord descended upon Samson
 and the cords on his arms became as soft as scorched flax,
 and the fetters fell from his hands.
 He looked around and saw the clean white jawbone of an ass, and he picked it up,
 and with it he slew a thousand men.
Then he threw away the jawbone and called the place Remathlehi in memory of his victory.
 But now he was parched with thirst, and he called on the Lord and said: "Lord, you have granted me this great victory,
 but must I now die of thirst and fall into the hands of the enemy?"

God touched a hollow place in the rock, and water gushed out of it,
 so that Samson could drink his fill until his strength returned to him.
After that he became a judge in Israel under the Philistines
 and he judged the people for twenty years.


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