Sauls Wrath

Sauls Wrath

One of the foremost herdsmen of Saul, Doeg the Edomite,
 was at Nob when David visited the priest Ahimelech.
 He came to Saul and told him how the priest gave unto David food and a sword.
 When he heard this, Saul sent to Nob and commanded Ahimelech
 and all his family to come before him.

When they came to him,
 Saul said:"Why have you conspired against me with the son of Jesse, and given him
bread and a sword? And why did you intercede with the Lord for him and against me?"

Ahimelech answered: "You have no more faithful subject than David.
 Is he not your son-in-law, obedient to your bidding and honoured in your house?
Did I intercede with the Lord for him? Never.
 Let not the king impute such a thing to his servant nor to all the house of my father, for your servant knew nothing about this matter and pleads his innocence."

The king said: "You shall surely die, Ahimelech, you and all your father's house."
 And he said to the soldiers who stood beside him: "Kill the priests of the Lord,
 for they are friends of David, and they knew when he fled and did not tell me."

But the servants of the king would not slay the priests of the Lord.
So the king said to Doeg the Edomite: "Fall upon the priests of the Lord.
They are enemies to me."

Doeg the Edomite turned and fell upon the priests,
 and on that day he slew eighty-five of them.
 And he attacked the city of Nob and killed everything inside it.
Only one of the sons of Ahimelech,named Abiathar, escaped and fled to David.
 He told David that Saul had killed the Lord's priests.

David said: "I knew it that day, that Doeg the Edomite would certainly tell Saul,
 so I am responsible for the death of all the members of your father's house.
 You must stay with me, and do not be afraid, for he who threatens my life,
 threatens your life, but with me you will be well guarded and protected."


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