The Building Of The Temple

The Building Of The Temple


NOW in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel had come out of the land of Egypt,
Solomon, in the fourth year of his reign, began to build a temple to the Lord.

The house of the Lord which king Solomon built was ninety feet long and thirty feet broad,
and the height of it was forty-five feet.
There was a broad porch before the temple,
and it had windows of narrow lights, and many chambers.

The house was built of stone made ready before it was brought there,
so that there was no sound of a hammer or axe or any tool in the house while it was being built.
The walls and floors and ceilings of the house were of boards of cedar,
and Solomon covered the floors with planks of fir.

And he covered the whole house with pure gold,
and the whole altar in the holy of holies was covered with pure gold.
Within the holy of holies he had two cherubim of olive wood,
each fifteen feet high, and their wings touched in the middle of the room.
They too were overlaid with gold.
All the walls and the doors were carved with cherubim and with palm trees and flowers,
all covered with gold, and in the inner court were three rows of hewed stone columns,
and a row of cedar beams.


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