The Spies Make A Promise

The Spies Make A Promise

THE men said: "We will save your lives in exchange for our own,
 on the condition that you do not utter a word about us to the king.
 And when the Lord has given us this land,
 we will deal kindly and honestly with you."

Rahab's house was built upon the town wall,
 so she tied a rope to the parapet and the men climbed down it.
As they went she said: "Go to the mountains and hide there for three days until your pursuers have come back here; and after that you may go on your way."

And the men said: "We shall keep this oath which you have made us swear.
 When the children of Israel come into the land,
 you must tie a piece of scarlet cord in the window,
 and bring your father and mother and your brothers
 and all your father's household into your house.
 Then if anyone goes out from your house into the street,
 whatever happens to him will be his own fault,
 and we shall not be guilty;
 but we will be responsible for whomsoever stays with you in the house,
 and we will see that no one touches him.
 But if you say a word about our business here,
 then we will not keep our promise."

"It shall be just as you say," she said.

Then she sent them away,
 and after they had left she tied the piece of scarlet cord in the window.

The two men went into the mountains and stayed there for three days
while the pursuers searched unsuccessfully for them,
 and finally gave up the hunt and went back to the city.

Then the two men came back down the mountain and crossed the river
 and came back to Joshua.
 They told him all the things that had happened to them.
 And they said to Joshua: "Truly the Lord has delivered all the country into our hands, for all the people of Jericho faint with fear of us."


(  Link to free online Bible to view where this event takes place in the Bible  )

( Link to free online Bible to view where this event takes place in the Bible )